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First of all, welcome to!

Were´e a recently founded online store based in Sweden but everything on this site is primarily focused on carnivores world wide

'. Beside we are working on our dream to be self-sufficient on our ranch that have been in our family for over 200 years. At the moment we don´t have any farm animals and it have not been any for the last two generations but we are about to change that and is the start of the journey towards that dream.

Our goal is to produce our own carnivore products that´s free from all things that shouldn't be in a proper human diet and still  let our animals live the best and healthiest way possible. These products will unfortunate not be available on the north American market. Our observing is the that we in Sweden lack the diverse market for quality animal products. By listening and following different carnivore advocates from America it seems you have a lot more to choose from especially when it comes to grass fed beef and pasture raised organic eggs and we want to change that.

Hope you find something you like and best regards from the team!

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